Finding Fanny – Music Review (Bollywood Soundtrack)

finding fanny posterYou can listen to the songs here.

Fanny Re is a fine display of composer Mathias Duplessy’s world music sensibilities, a delightful combo of guitars and banjo and accordion to back an addictive folk tune. The singing by Mukhtiyar Ali isn’t always flawless, but there are some awesome improvisations when he is! Maahi Ve is a recreation of the song with a change in that title phrase. Ding Dong continues on that European flavour (the mandolin takes the lead this time), but at a more relaxing pace. The composer himself gets behind the mic and renders the English lines with aplomb. The soundtrack then passes hands to Sachin Jigar for the one last song, and they match up to Duplessy’s style brilliantly, using a bossa nova base for yet another folk fusion piece, adding their dose of wacky to it. The wacky bit is of course a lot owing to the lyrics too (was unable to find the lyricist credits). Divya Kumar aces the singing, with some engaging interruptions from the female voice (no credits for that either on saavn).

Short but thoroughly enjoyable soundtrack from Mathias Duplessy and Sachin Jigar. But the esoteric sound would mean the songs are not going to attain much mainstream success.

Music Aloud Rating: 8/10

Top Recos: All songs!

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