Mary Kom – Music Review (Bollywood Soundtrack)


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Composer Shivam Pathak gets Arijit Singh to sing the first of his two tracks, the melodic piece called Sukoon Mila. Nothing particularly wow about it, just a regular melody conforming to usual Bollywood standards, and also gets tedious after a few listens for that very reason. The man does much better in his second track though, whipping up the (filmy) patriotic flavour well in Salaam India with a sprightly arrangement and Sandeep Singh’s lyrics. Vishal Dadlani and Salim Merchant handle the vocals, Vishal being the clear leader. The other Indian Idol alumnus, Shashi Suman, then takes over the soundtrack. Ziddi Dil follows a familiar inspirational route and yet the rock-based arrangement with the smattering of folk elements makes it work. Vishal Dadlani hardly goes wrong with the genre. It is in the rest of the soundtrack that Shashi shows his real worth though. The other inspirational track Teri Baari is a more impactful one than Ziddi with better engaging arrangement, and fab singing by Mohit Chauhan and the backing vocalists.

Arijit Singh gets a second, more haunting melody with Shashi, Saudebaazi. The lingering familiarity is present here too to be sure, but a better quality tune and good orchestration from the composer help. The soundtrack’s best are both female solos. Shashi gives the beautiful lullaby called Chaoro to the movie’s leading lady Priyanka Chopra. Haven’t been a fan of her singing in the past, but here she delivers wonderfully! The only link I could find about the word chaoro indicates that it is part of a song that mothers of Meitei mothers from Manipur sing to their children. Very nice composition! The breezy Adhure is owned by Sunidhi Chauhan with her spotless rendition, even as Shashi provides a tranquil highlandish arrangement to back her; that folk humming by the (uncredited) backing vocalist provides a nice touch.

Shashi Suman outshines Shivam Pathak with a fine debut in Mary Kom.

Music Aloud Rating: 7.5/10

Top Recos: Adhure, Chaoro, Teri Baari

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