Kick – Music Review (Bollywood Soundtrack)

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The technical assistance in Salman Khan’s singing is quite evident all through Hangover, but it is a fairly engaging track. Building on a nice appealing melody, Meet Bros Anjjan manage to deliver a piece much better than the stuff they are wont to producing. Bhai has Shreya Ghoshal for company in this song, sounding lovely as ever. The remix (took a while to figure out that the MBA in MBA Swag stands for Meet Bros Anjjan) is standard techno cacophony. The second remix featuring DJ Angel is relatively better done. Yaar Naa Mile Te has a base tune that could have worked if not overlaid with all those clichéd electronic elements. Good singing by Jasmine Sandlas though, and at one point composer Yo Yo Honey Singh also tries to sing, and ends up proving that he can only rap.

The remaining two songs of the soundtrack are done by Himesh Reshammiya, neither of which features his vocals. There is Salman though. The composer produces an entertaining folksy dance track in Jumme Ki Raat, with that fairly evident nod to Pancham’s Dekha Na Haaye Re. Mika Singh and Palak Muchhal do their part wonderfully. The alternate version has Salman Khan replacing Mika, I would much rather listen to the Mika version. Both versions have remixes by Kiran Kamath. Same remix actually, and the man does a neat job of it. Himesh’s other song is a lilting melodic piece titled Tu Hi Tu. Mohammad Irfan and Neeti Mohan respectively take up the original and the reprise versions and pull them off commendably. They should have stopped with that, but no. There follows a string of undesirable variants of it – one sung by Salman and three remixes, one for each singer!

Barring that remix overdose, Himesh and Meet Bros Anjjan produce one of the better Salman Khan movie soundtracks in quite a while. And I hope that Salman doesn’t plan on making this singing thing a habit.

Music Aloud Rating: 7.5/10

Top Recos: Tu Hi Tu, Jumme Ki Raat, Hangover


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