Thirudan Police – Music Review (Tamil Movie Soundtrack)

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Ennodu Vaa is standard kuthu material barring some interesting touches, very much relatable to Yuvan Shankar Raja’s own compositions from the past, but trippy all the same. Sathyan, Senthildas and Priyadarshini are a good choice for vocals. The melodic base of Moodupanikkul and Vaali‘s lines would have made it an enjoyable listen, if not for its annoyingly over-processed vocals; Naresh Iyer is pretty much unrecognizable as the singer alongside Roshini. Pesadhe has its fast paced and occasionally intriguing arrangement  going for it, but there is again the déjà vu element that rankles. The singing is great though, Hariharasudhan and Pooja (who sounds quite like Swarnalatha at times). The soundtrack’s best comes in two versions, differing only on vocals. Riding on a fairly minimal arrangement that accentuates the haunting quality of the tune (using the manjira as the dominant instrument is a brilliant move), Dheivam works slightly better in Haricharan’s voice than it does in SPB Charan’s.

Thirudan Police. Think Music’s first outing with a big ticket composer first big ticket soundtrack in a long time (did not know that Think Music was associated with soundtracks like Endhiran! Thanks to those who pointed out the error) scores lower than what one would expect going by their recent track record. A mixed bag this, from Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Music Aloud Rating: 6.5/10

Top Recos: Dheivam, Ennodu Vaa, Pesadhe

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