Madras – Music Review (Tamil Movie Soundtrack)


You can listen to the soundtrack at the end of the review (link via @blogeswari).

The title song’s techno-folk mix is quite familiar, but Hariharasudhan and Meenakshi Iyer along with the chorus make it work with their energy. Kakidha Kappal too occasionally borders on the heard-before, but Santhosh Narayanan’s brilliant move of bringing together mandolin, clarinet, accordion etc in a poignant European-esque setting that sharply contrasts with Gaana Bala’s earthy Tamil rendition, makes this a superb listen. The composer’s second song with Gaana Bala, Irandhidava on the other hand sounds awkwardly patchy and bland.

Of the two instrumental tracks in the soundtrack, in Kaali Love the composer creates a soulful love theme highlighted by guitars. Seemed like a reprise on the arrangement of Kakidha Kappal, at times. Suvar is the track that appears as the BGM for the trailer. Works neatly as a theme piece; particularly liked the violin solo. Agayam Theepiditha carries the atmospheric sound that had adorned the composer’s lovely soundtrack for Cuckoo. Here too it sounds as awesome, Santhosh making lovely use of strings (guitars, mandolin and double bass from the sound of it) and Pradeep Kumar doing a fab job on vocals. Naan Nee is the best of Madras, a very hummable melody backed by a glorious combination of guitars and violins, and a touch of quirky with the kazoo. And then there is Shaktisree Gopalan who does an equally splendid job singing the piece, with backing from Dheekshitha.

Santhosh Narayanan makes it three on three this year with Madras! The increasing incidence of repetitive sounds is a little concerning nevertheless.

Music Aloud Rating: 8/10

Top Recos: Naan Nee, Agayam Theepiditha, Kakidha Kappal

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