Mundasupatti – Music Review (Tamil Movie Soundtrack)

Uchiyila Udhichavane sounds almost like a pulluvan paattu, except it is in Tamil and has percussion. Some very similar Tamil folk art form, I am guessing. Anyway, the song is short and functional, delivered in Vivek Narayan’s sonorous voice, the most memorable thing about the song. Ambala Singam doesn’t possess a great tune, but Sean Roldan buoys it up using a sprightly arrangement replete with horns and Michael Jackson nods. The composer himself sings this one with Haricharan. Muthamil’s simple earthy lines get a delightful treatment in Killadi Oruthan – a happy tune backed by a matchingly pleasant melange highlighted by the gabgubi(?), thavil, accordion and bass. And then there is that practiced ease with which Anthony Dasan nails such songs.

Kaadhal Kanave and Idhu Enna are both have their base in an elaborate, reverberant strings section. In the former, the composer layers it with some well-employed guitar and flute, and gets two of his favorite singers Pradeep Kumar and Kalyani Nair who do a fabulous job of singing it. Idhu Enna fares even better, courtesy a haunting tune and a thrill-inducing orchestration. Haricharan is spectacular with his rendition, even Kalyani Nair sounds ethereal in the humming cameo she does. Those last 35 seconds are goosebump-inducing! With Rasa Magarasa the composer is right where he belongs – mixing Tamil folk with that bluegrass sound – to delectable results once again! The Tamil folk part is handled by Rita, Anthony Dasan and Sean Roldan in one version and Sean alone in the solo version; both equally effective (wonder why both versions end abruptly in the jukebox).

There seems to be no stopping Sean Roldan. That’s three in a row for the man with Mundasupatti!

Music Aloud Rating: 8.5/10

Top Recos: Rasa Magarasa, Idhu Enna Kaadhal Kanave

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