Lakshmi – Music Review (Bollywood Soundtrack)

Lakshmi Hindi movie posterYou can listen to the soundtrack here.

The standard qawwali format (with some mod additions, which have also become fairly regular now) of Hai Reham Hai Karam makes it a tad daunting. And Kailash Kher’s rendition, while commendable as expected, is again riddled with the all-too-familiar nuances that only add to the ennui. Thankfully the rest of the soundtrack fares much better. Tapas Relia keeps the arrangement fairly simple in Sun Sugana Re, the folksy charm of the tune is more than enough to work its magic on you. The flute (the brilliant Paras Nath) and shehnai (Yogesh More) deserve a special mention though. The singers Suchi and Ankita Joshi take care of the rest with a fabulous effort. The composer makes lovely use of Paras’ flute in the beautifully tuned Sun Ri Baavli as well, in an otherwise guitar-led arrangement. And it wouldn’t come as a surprise that Papon does a brilliant job of delivering Manoj Yadav’s lines. The movie’s leading lady Monali Thakur gets the semi-classical piece Aa Ghar Chalein Hum and she handles the nuanced singing neatly, even as Dilshad Khan rules the backdrop with some fab sarangi playing.

Their combination may not have worked well last time, but Tapas Relia delivers a short, sweet score for Nagesh Kukunoor in Lakshmi.

Music Aloud Rating: 7.5/10

Top Recos: Sun Sugana Re, Sun Ri Baavli, Aa Ghar Chalein Hum

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Vipin says:

Oh I did not know that. I generally use scoring as a synonym for composing, and score as such to refer to the whole soundtrack. Not applicable?

Joel Vincent says:

Nice review Vipin. But why do you use the word ‘Score’ instead of songs? The word ‘score’ can technically be used only for a ‘film score/background score’ and not for songs.