Congratulations On Your Happiness – Music Review (Post-Rock EP)

COYH - deadstar777Writing memorable lyrics has always been in an issue with bands from our country. Somehow lyrical prowess and musical abilities don’t go hand in hand in these parts of the world. But this situation is changing, as I write this more and more singer song-writers are appearing on the scene. Artists like Ankur Tewari and Gouri come into my mind.  But if your band doesn’t have a decent song writer or a good singer the best genre you can pick up is post rock. In the murky world of post rock mumbling and gibberish is considered accomplished lyrics as long as it sounds good. As someone said the only writing most post rock end up doing is naming their songs and albums.

COYH is the new EP from Deadstar (Nihal Anand says the soundcloud channel), a solo bedroom project. This EP is as post rock as it can get and sounds very well produced for a DIY work. The songs are very moody with occasional dopamine-inducing bursts which will keep the listener hooked to the songs.  Like most albums of this genre COYH provides excellent background music for boring day to day work.  It won’t wrestle for attention nor make you sing out loud inviting stares from your colleagues .It can keep you moored to the drab reality and at the same time allows for certain leaps of fantasy.  Most songs in the album are almost indistinguishable from each other and feel like one amorphous blob of sound.  This may be due to the presence of the Steve Reich-ish picking patterns employed almost in all songs.  This monotony is broken by the math rock styled title track, good reason why it is inserted in between the four other songs in the album.  If you are the type who like Sigur Ros and Mogwai, which now includes almost all of us who follow alternative/indie rock, do give this EP a listen. The whole album can be streamed below (link via @therunawaypoet).

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