Dhoom 3 – Music Review (Bollywood Soundtrack)

Dhoom_3_Film_PosterYou can listen to the songs here.

Pritam does spruce up the arrangement of the title song fairly well in the third edition of Dhoom, and Aditi Singh Sharma delivers an expectedly spirited performance on the vocals. But the core tune as such has never really impressed me much, and that works against the song here too. Unlike the Tata Young variant in part 1, the Arabic Version here differs from the first version only in lyrics. The singer Naya sounds exotic, that is all. And the Tap version has a lot of curious sounds, dominated obviously by the taps, but should be better watched than heard. Malang starts off threatening to sound like Touch Me from Dhoom 2, but thankfully builds on that familiar Arabic base taking a filmy qawwali route to produce much more entertaining results. Siddharth Mahadevan aces the singing in his first non-SEL song, alongside an equally fabulous Shilpa Rao. Sad the classical singers in the interlude haven’t been credited (Thanks to Jay Dhruv for sharing the CD credits; the classical singers are Shadab and Altamash Faridi and the Sabri brothers).

The composer’s trippy arrangement just about covers up for the dated tune of Kamli with ample help from Sunidhi Chauhan, though the weakness of the tune tells on the song on repeated listens. That sitar in the first interlude seems like Asad Khan at work. The arrangement rules Tu Hi Junoon as well; this time it is a brass-led one, with a neatly employed chorus. The tune isn’t great, but Mohit Chauhan infuses enough energy with his singing to bolster that. The combination of kids’ chorus (led by Shivam Mahadevan and Anish Sharma) and orchestral arrangement works well for the simple anthemic chant in Bande Hai Hum. Julius Packiam’s Dhoom 3 Overture begins as a piano-led instrumental version of Bande Hai but shifts gears in between, into another drab variant of the title song.

Dhoom 3. The best score that Pritam has produced for the Dhoom franchise, but one of his weaker soundtracks this year.

Music Aloud Rating: 7/10

Top Recos: Malang, Bande Hai Hum, Tu Hi Junoon

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