Thira – Music Review (Malayalam Movie Soundtrack)

thira posterThe pensive mood in Anu Elizabeth Jose’s lines in Theeraathe Neelunne is very neatly conveyed by Shaan Rahman with his arrangement that sees a deft use of synth and strings. Not to be outdone in any manner is Vineeth Sreenivasan (with the composer in tow, rendering those lovely humming bits), handling the soaring notes well in his soulful and nuanced rendition. Synth dominates the arrangement of Thaazhe Nee Thaarame too; Shaan peppering the haunting, ambient background with occasional spurts of breakbeat. And with Shaan’s blue-eyed boy Sachin Warrier, Job Kurien and an almost ethereal-sounding Sayanora Philip doing a super job behind the mic, the song is a total winner! The prayer song Nithya Sahaya Nadhe (penned by Arch Bishop Late Rt. Rev. Dr. Cornelius Elanjikkal) is kept simple and minimal in arrangement, leaving singer Neha Nair to do most of the work. The tune is pretty functional, carrying about it the charm that Christian hymns generally do. The processing in the vocals could have been less though. And finally there is Thaazhvaaram, a song (with shades of abheri raga) that sees some interesting time signatures and bass (Sumesh) but is highlighted by the brilliant interplay between violin and veena (Embar Kannan and Punya Srinivas respsectively). Neha is joined here by Hesham Abdul Wahab and together they deliver a stunner! There is also a reprise version which has Neha going solo to a mostly piano-based background (played by Shaan himself), and pulling it off beautifully.

Thira. Shaan Rahman’s third soundtrack for Vineeth Sreenivasan may not have as many songs as the last two, but the quality is no less. Amazing consistency by the duo, this!

Music Aloud Rating: 8.5/10

Top Recos: All of them!

Listen to all the songs below (Thanks a lot to Vino Varghese for the link!)

Official video of Thaazhvaaram

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Vipin says:

Thanks again, Vino. 🙂

Vino Varghese says:

Amazing songs!!!! Vineeth-Shaan is a Mani-ARR in Malayalam. Excellent review!!!