Krrish 3 – Music Review (Bollywood Soundtrack)

Krrish_3_PosterThe way Raghupati Raghav starts off, I got a feeling my bad opinion about the teaser that came out might have been misplaced. It takes less than a minute to dispel any such feelings. The song does indeed have nothing to offer apart from Hritik Roshan’s onscreen dance moves. Neeraj Sridhar and Monali Thakur expend their vocal efforts in vain amidst a mishmash of pointless sounds. Oh, and there is a remix too. Why Bollywood has developed a sudden acrimony towards the bhajan I would never know. Raghupati Raghav would begin to sound better though, once you hear the title song. Probably the first time Mamta Sharma is getting a song that is not a folk-based item number, but not one that she would want to really brag about. The arrangement sounds amateurish at best, and the chorus only makes things worse.

Dil Tu Hi Bataa sounds like a remix attempt of some 90s tune and grows as tiresome, even Alisha Chinai sounds like she is attempting her 90s Indipop self (not to the same effect of course). And joining her is another forgotten voice Zubeen Garg. While I have wished often to hear more of these two singers, this song is definitely not helping alleviate that longing. As is the original, so is the remix. Alisha gets a second song too, with Mohit Chauhan this time. You Are My Love for a change has an arrangement that bears some promise. But the ultra-cheesy and dated lyrics and the singers’ rendition of it (Alisha in particular) beat out any such spark of hope. And completing the dismal lineup is God Allah Aur Bhagwaan that lays waste to Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal’s vocals with a middling tune and arrangement.

Of all bad things that Krrish is pitted against in part 3, the worst thing could quite possibly be this soundtrack from Rajesh Roshan.

Music Aloud Rating: 3/10

Top Recos: Not really. You can try out the soundtrack here though, if you must.

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Vipin says:

I listen to any song some 5-6 times at least, before deciding about it. This didn’t work, sadly.

mukul says:

Dil Tu Hi Bata is rather good and grows after couple of hearings. Cant believe you didn’t give it enough time. It’s rather well composed too considering Rajesh’s de facto retirement from composing.

Vipin says:

Yeah this is the worst I have rated an album. Generally I just avoid albums that I get a horrible vibe about, but didn’t expect this to be this bad. Besharam never got around listening properly man. And then kind of lost the enthusiasm to write.

khan kapoor says:

Worst ratings i’ve seen in your site. is this the lowest rating you have ever given? And why didn’t you review the music album of besharam?

Vipin says:

Tomorrow may be, or later this week.

Raj says:

when will you post arrambam review?