Biriyani – Music Review (Tamil Movie Soundtrack)

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You can listen to the soundtrack here.

The ambient feel lends well to the hip hop-based Nahna Na Nah sung by Devan Ekambaram and composer Yuvan Shankar Raja, the mix making it an engaging listen despite the familiarity in sound. New Jack Swing version of the same song is in fact a tad better than the original. The fast forwarded Extended Dance Mix however is standard (read avoidable) remix material. Starting off like a haunting melody, Pom Pom Penne does a surprise shift of gears after about a minute, taking on a brass-dominated (hence “Pom Pom” I suppose) carnival-esque mode that keeps picking up speed as it goes. Fun song, sung very well by Rahul Nambiar and Ramya NSK. While the arrangement of Mississippi is replete with yesteryear Raja references, the song as such is contemporary enough. Loved the interludes in this one – that harmonium in the second interlude in particular. And the playful banter styled rendition is carried off nicely by the hero Karthi, Priya Himesh and Premgi Amaren.

Between PSYCHO UNIT’s rap and Yuvan’s neat techno packaging of folk sounds, Run For Your Life has enough to get you hooked. However what should have been the highlight of the song, incorporation of Gana Bala’s retro singing, sounds oddly off key and hence jarring. Smart previous movie reference at the end by the way! The best of the soundtrack is the title song, just for that immensely addictive combination of wild west-esque whistles (is there flute too?) and strings. Even the Tamil-English rap by the ladies Tanvi Shah, Bhavatharini and Vilasini is laid very well over the trippy arrangement. High point of Edhirthu Nil is that it features four composers on playback – GV Prakash Kumar, D Imman, Vijay Antony and S Thaman – a factor that also adversely affects the vocals section in places. The song is decent otherwise, arrangement featuring all the anthemic grandeur that such songs come with.

Biriyani. A memorable 100th from Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Music Aloud Rating: 8/10

Top Recos: Biriyani, Pom Pom Penne, Mississippi

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