Springr Studios

Springr Studios Pvt. Ltd. is a company that was founded by a group of enthusiastic and vibrant youths who wanted to create a platform for creative artists. As they have aptly named it, it’s a ‘springboard for creativity’. The studio allows young and upcoming artists to hone their creativity to aid long-term benefits.

The studio is located in a heritage building at Mattanchery, Cochin, and consists of a music studio, art gallery, artist residency and a café. This venture is collaboration between art, art forms, and technology and aims to bring together international artists. The company follows a unique concept which is an adventurous and innovative platform for creativity by providing potential artists with innumerable opportunities and openings but also funds independent and innovative projects. The company uses crowd-funding to source projects that blossom underneath their company name. The aim of the company is to make the funding of independent and creative art projects a sustainable and fresh outlook as a business, and to form a ‘creativity brand’. This in turn creates a brand that not only attracts unique and creative talent but also a business venture that is recognized internationally, attracting artists, musicians, dancers, etc. from all over the world. They aim to create a unique setting wherein the vibrancy, energy and efforts provide the perfect environment to unleash the complete creativity and talent of an artist.

The company aims at providing a financial and structural support for artists who lack support from regular media houses and record labels. With the music in India either taking the title of ‘Bollywood’ or ‘spiritual’ on an international level, there is very limited support for musically-gifted artists in the country who try to express their creativity through their own mediums of translation. Traditional methods of a career in music are re-written in foreign countries, but have remained unchanged to a great extent in India.

In order to create an alternate system of growth and sustenance for artists in India, the company believes that there should be education and well-deserved financial and well as technological support and aid to the artist. In order to aid this view, the company has created and maintained a state-of-the-art music studio that has been carefully designed with the acoustic properties that are required for recording accurate and precise sound, furnished with internationally-recognized brands. Also, permanently appointed session musicians and sound engineers are available for hire and will be available on short notice.

The company also provides a platform for creative artists, and provides all supplies and equipment required for the same.

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Springr Café

More than a place to stop for a quick bite, the Springr Café is a welcoming place that offers a welcoming, homely atmosphere that is very laid-back as well as boasting a distinctive menu. The ethos of the café is that fact that it is open to experimentation with food and with chefs, and the distinctive menu offers a feeling of home away from home for the visitors.

The Springr Café has come up with the brilliant concept of ‘Social Kitchen’, which allows visitors, which they hope will bring together people from diverse backgrounds to talk, laugh debate and eat while working and enjoying culinary delights together. The Social Kitchen offers chefs at any level a platform to use the kitchen space for culinary experiments, and for the talented chefs to venture into the kitchen, the café offers a special opportunity for an exceptional dish to be featured of the Springr Café menu.

The community kitchen in Springr Café allows new adventurers into the culinary field a chance to learn new dishes and cooking techniques. The café is a dream for a foodie with an appetite, who wants to host an evening for friends and connect with new people, and the environment is one that has to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Events & Occasions

Springr hosted its first open studio event on 22nd February 2013, which showcased the hard work and dedication that had been put in by the entire team in order to transform the 200-year old building into a 10,000 sq. ft. cultural hub.

The studio is currently focused on several music video projects which will bring together the combined efforts of the Springr team and the independent artists who wish to gain recognition as well as an opportunity to express their talents.

On 25th of May 2013, the studio played host to the music band ‘Midival Punditz’, the band that achieved cult status soon after their initiation, and has come to be known as ‘The new sound of 21st century India’. Also performing at the same event was Rajasthani folk singer Kutle Khan and Hindustani singer Vidhi Sharma. The event turned out to be a huge success, and all who attended the event had just one thing to say, that it was the best event Cochin had seen.

Springr café has launched a new weekly event on every Wednesday starting 23rd June 2013, where artists like Sanjeev T, Baiju Dharmajan, Reshmi Suresh, Shreyas and various other artists performed live in front of an awestruck audience. The audience got the feel of being at a private concert, being seated beside the artists while they performed. The event is going to be on a different theme each week. The coming week, the theme is ‘Blues & Burgers’.

The company has lined up a series of events for the year that will be announced in the near future.

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The Team


The group responsible for the start-up of Springr Studios is a bunch of young, dedicated college dropout who founded the Bangalore-based Innoz Technologies, a leading mobile software company in India, and the founders of SMSGYAN, a mobile search engine via SMS. Currently, SMSGYAN has about 120 million active users around the country submitting over 5 million queries on their mobile platforms each day. This group of talented young people have inspired a new generation of start-up youth entrepreneurs to play a major role in the development of Startup Village, one of the biggest start up incubators in the country.


The Team at Springr

The team at Springr consists of a big group of enthusiastic youths segregated into teams like the management team, the production team and the creative team. The production and creative team together work closely and come up with new and innovative strategies in creation and release of music videos which have been performed by international as well as domestic artistes whose work has been funded by Springr Studios. The company plans to release these videos as a compiled album shortly, marketing through social networking sites, in order to create awareness among talent hunters and gain recognition and value to the artistes, both in India as well as on an international platform.

(Article posted on behalf of Ashwin Gopakumar of Springr Studios)