Neram – Music Review (Tamil/Malayalam Movie Soundtrack)

neram poster(This is a review of the Tamil soundtrack; not posting a separate one for Malayalam since the tunes would appear to be the same. In case of differences, shall post an addendum here.)

Although most of Pistah’s fun lies in the borrowed gibberish originally rendered by the legendary Jagathi Sreekumar in Kinnaaram (still unsure if those lines were his own creation or the script writer Dr. Balakrishnan’s) and the wacky video that gained much youtube fame, debutant composer Rajesh Murugesan deserves credit for giving the song a super fun packaging, deftly mixing techno and kuthu elements. Singer Shabareesh Varma, who also pitches in with some wacky lyrics of his own (and acts in the Tamil version too, wiki says), ensures an exuberant job on the vocals as well. Continuing on the same energy level is Evan Avan where the composer layers some slick electric guitars over the kuthu beats – even that surprise break in between is quite neatly handled. And adding to the already trippy mix is Benny Dayal’s ultra-sprightly rendition.  Rajesh employs Haricharan well in the breezy Kaatru Veesum that has some lovely strings, particularly the acoustic guitar. Kaadhal Enulle is the only vocal track that fails to impress, courtesy an average base tune. But the interludes are worth a listen, for the way the naadaswaram is employed. Not sure if it is the raga that took me to the naadaswaram in VTV’s Omana Penne.

There are three instrumental tracks that form the latter part of the soundtrack, presumably from the movie’s BGM. The Neram Theme generates interest more in terms of the instruments used. From clarinet to a double bass (?) to guitars to what seems to be the composer’s favorite combo – electric guitars + kuthu beats. The Phone Booth features some superb guitars playing out an addictive tune that makes it work as a track despite the functional nature. Best among the instrumentals, in fact best of the soundtrack, is the thoroughly imaginative techno-rock remix of Beethoven’s Fur Elise, called Thiruttu Isai Beethoven Resurrected – excellent work that!

Good to know that the hype around Pistah wasn’t for naught. Promising debut by Rajesh Murugesan, Neram.

Music Aloud Rating: 7.5/10

Top Recos: Thiruttu Isai Beethoven Resurrected, Kaatru Veesum, Pistah

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Vipin says:

Nope. Not getting time, that is all. Really wanted to review Thanga Meengal but couldn’t. Will try and do it over the weekend.

dinesh says:

Have you stopped reviewing yuvan’s albums altogether..?