Go Goa Gone – Music Review (Bollywood Soundtrack)

Go_Goa_Gone_posterAmit Trivedi had Motorwaada in Luv Shuv.. last year, and this year Sachin Jigar give us Babaji Ki Booty in Go Goa Gone. Equally wacky and imaginative arrangement, and hilarious lyrics from Priya Panchal  Amitabh Bhattacharya, as corrected by @nishant_rising (that conversation in the second interlude is the clincher)! And the composers themselves get behind the mic and pull off a fab job of a “stoned” rendition. Slowley Slowley is as groovy as a party song gets, thanks to a trippy arrangement. Thankfully the sprightly vocals of Jigar Saraiya and Talia Bentson are processed with tolerable limits. Priya’s lyrics alone are enough to make the anti-Monday rant Khoon Choos Le click with pretty much every living being (who understands Hindi, of course). Not to be outdone though, Sachin and Jigar back the lyrics up with a thoroughly engaging orchestration (I think I felt traces of raag dhanasri in places). Arjun Kanungo, Suraj Jagan and Priya Panchal take care of the rest with their singing. And I am willing to ignore that similarity the lead hook shares with RDB’s Satte Pe Satta BGM piece in view of the rest of the song. Khushamdeed sticks to the feel-good melody format for most part, and has the ever-reliable Shreya Ghoshal delivering her part to perfection. The only exception happens in the second half of the song where the composers do a smart, seamless incorporation of Latino elements into the interlude.  Only track in the pack that doesn’t work as a song is the dubstep-based dialogue mashup titled I Keel Dead Peepal.

Sachin Jigar have had an interesting and busy 2013. And Go Goa Gone sits right on top of their works this year. In fact, on top of their entire portfolio perhaps.

Music Aloud Rating: 8/10

Top Recos: Khoon Choos Le, Babaji Ki Booty, Slowley Slowley


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nishant says:

Even khoon choosley is by Amitabh. 🙂