Aashiqui 2 – Music Review (Bollywood Soundtrack)

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You can listen to the songs here.

Tum Hi Ho is as beautifully haunting as a Bhatt-Mithoon product ever gets – soft piano-led arrangement and a soulful rendition from Arijit Singh. Meri Aashiqui converts Tum Hi Ho into a duet with some nicely imagined verses added to it, that Palak Muchhal delivers with finesse. Mithoon’s third and last song too draws from the first, a Love Theme that is a piano-based improvisation around the lead hook. Ankit Tiwari’s melancholic rock piece Sunn Raha Hoon is a tad higher on the repeat feel, and hence a bit less entertaining than the first song. Some neat guitaring in the interludes though. The female version is toned down to suit Shreya Ghoshal’s rendition, and works almost as good as the male version for its use of flute and the singing.

Lead composer Jeet Ganguli then takes over, but the songs still remain safely in the Bhatt soundscape. Arijit Singh and Palak Muchhal return together with Chaahun Main and do their part quite beautifully yet again. The song however is heavy on déjà vu and gets boring very soon. The boringness applies just as much to Hum Mar Jayenge too, where Arijit is joined by Tulsi Kumar. This time it is a 90s template that plays spoilsport. Aasan Nahi Yahan fares better, the composer along with Arijit Singh providing some respite over the hangover-based tune with some interesting touches in their respective roles. Tulsi Kumar sounds better than she did earlier, with KK in Piya Aaye Na, but that’s about it. Once again the tune has nothing new to offer; if it makes for a listen it is for KK’s vocal efforts. Arijit Singh gets a fifth song in the soundtrack, Milne Hai Mujhse Aayi. The arrangement here is quite engaging, particularly for the guitars. But on vocals I would have preferred someone else, here Arijit’s style doesn’t quite work. Bhula Dena is the best (or least tiresome) of Jeet’s offerings, with Mustafa Zahid at the helm. Mustafa is soulful as always, the buildup is nice, and as a result the repetitiveness doesn’t get to you as easily.

Aashiqui vs Aashiqui 2 is a good case of how the Bhatt musical taste has changed over the years. In this case at least, the Bhatts of 90s win hands down.

Music Aloud Rating: 6.5/10

Top Recos: Tum Hi Ho, Bhula Dena, Sunn Raha Hoon

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Kalyani Nair says:

Soulful rendition indeed by the promising singer Arijit Singh.

The song “Tum Hi Ho” is brilliantly done, soothingly haunting and mesmerising……I’d give the album a 7 out of 10.. 🙂

Vipin says:

@sabnam: if the songs work for you, great. they don’t work as much for me, and it is not for lack of trying. i don’t review any song without listening to each at least 6-7 times over. just a matter of differing tastes. 🙂

sabnam says:

the music is awesome…tough to beat by any other movie this year.songs touches heart deep to me and my frndss…my rating is 9.5 for its ashiqana lyrics and loving compose..i think u should think about your ratings again@vipin

Vipin says:

I repeat, my views need not always match with what the public thinks. May be a lot of people feel the way you do about the soundtrack. I don’t, unfortunately. Hence the 6.5.

manish says:

the song had its ratings by public views not in single person review …u have to check youtube..gaana.com..the songs have there top ratings in all songs..6.5 is not justify those touching songs…the songs have that rythem that can touch people inside…the songs have loving lyrics and composing…actually the thing is romantic songs r prefer less then the pop and rock ..thats y ratings deferss..m i right…if u go to single review that would b partialty 4 the songss..@VIPIN

Vipin says:

Well it is a fact that Bhatt music is getting thoroughly repetitive and it is high time they changed style. Except those 3 songs I mentioned I am not going to go back to hear any other. I rate the songs by my liking of the music, and hence it is 6.5. May be YJHD and GGG will get higher rating but that has nothing to do with what actor is in that. If that was the case Kai Po Che would not have got a high rating, right?

pundhir says:

well i don’t know about u , but one thing i know surely is that it is by far d most awesome album of the year and just 6.5 by u??
it is very difficult to maintain all d 10-11 songs to a same level but aashiqui 2 did justice to each nd every song i guess………..but yeah nowdays their is a trend to give awesome ratings to ranbhir kapoor, saif ali khan movies nd be just average to others especially bhatt camp.
but i am sure ur rating for yeh jawaani hai deewani or go go nd gone will be very good……..
have a nice day

Vipin says:

@kritika: just to reiterate some phrases used, “heavy on déjà vu”, “boringness”, “hangover based tune”, “doesn’t quite work”.. these to me qualify the songs for a 6.5 only. and except the 3 songs i recommended, i haven’t gone back to listening to any other song from the movie post this review. and haven’t seen any of the other songs being played elsewhere either. in any case, my views don’t essentially go with what is hit and what is not. 🙂

Kritika says:

You say decent things about the songs, and then rate it 6.5/10…um how does that even correlate? The music, the singers, composers have delivered the best album of the year so far…soulful, and there is a reason why it is hit among so many right not…international that is as well.