Commando – Music Review (Bollywood Soundtrack)

commando 2013 posterYou can listen to the songs here.

Lutt Jaawaan follows the techno Punjabi template to the tee, and gets bogged down by the same factor; Dhruv Sangari’s commendable singing notwithstanding. Mungda is an improvement, the composer Manan Shah building smartly on that seeming nod to the Rajesh Roshan-Majrooh-Usha Mangeshkar hit, with some interesting use of percussion and Sunidhi Chauhan. Just an improvement over the first song mind you, nothing exceptional. More template music flows in with Lena Dena, this time of the pure Bhangra variety. Daler Mehndi is as exceptional as he gets with such songs, but sadly that is not enough. And then comes the song which is the reason I decided to review this soundtrack. Sawan Bairi. A classical-flavored song (shubhapanthuvarali raga, my guess) where Manan mixes traditional sounds with electronic elements quite skillfully and creates a winner in the process. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan may be getting predictable with a lot of his improvisations, but his vocal range alone is enough to make this rendition worthwhile.

One brilliant song that heralds debutant composer Manan Shah’s talent in an otherwise ordinary soundtrack. Commando.

Music Aloud Rating – 6.5/10

Top Recos – Sawan Bairi, Mungda

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