Announcing “On Sound Cloud 9″…

on sound cloud 9 logoContinuing with our efforts to expose our readers to new artists and quality music, we announce another new series, something we have christened On Sound Cloud 9. As you may have guessed, this series would involve us compiling a playlist of nine soundcloud tracks in each volume. Since we already have a themed thing going in mixtape, these soundcloud playlists will be cross-genre – classical to fusion to blues to rock, anything goes. And from across time – you might find songs that are as long as two years old – the idea is to shed some light on songs that deserve a listen irrespective of when they came out. And from across languages. Not necessarily original compositions either, might just be covers we find interesting. To sum up, a fairly random mix of good music.

And if you know of any artist/track that you feel needs to be heard more, you are always welcome to give us a shout on twitter, facebook or response[at]musicaloud[dot]com. For now, hope you will enjoy this opening edition of On Sound Cloud 9!


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Rohini says:

Loved the playlist!