Introducing Music Aloud Mixtape..

Fusion Aloud 468 x 468So as we hinted to you on our fourth birthday, here’s unveiling the first of our initiatives for this fifth year of Music Aloud, our Mixtape series in association with OKListen. What we plan to do as part of this, is to pick and choose a playlist comprised of our favorite from OKListen’s collection in a particular genre, and make that playlist available for you at a much discounted price. And we start with one of our most loved genres, Indian classical/folk-based fusion. We shall be coming out with a new playlist every month. The intention is essentially to provide you with means to sample an artist’s work, and buy more of his/her music if you appreciate. Even in this playlist most of what you pay shall go to the artist. OKListen accepts payment through international credit cards too, apart from the Indian credit and debit cards (just so people outside India know).


You can access the compilation by clicking here


Those who follow us on any of our channels would know that we are particular about the quality of music we recommend, and you have that guarantee with these playlists as well. Then again, you always have the song previews on the page to be doubly sure. This opening volume of our series features songs from Oikyotaan, Agam, Baiju Dharmajan, Sanjay Diveccha, Kaav, La Pongal, Karnatriix, Praashekh Borkar, Ravi Iyer, Emergence.

So here’s hoping that you will extend your support to this idea of ours as well, and help us introduce you to a lot more new and exciting artists from the independent music world!

Oh, and free beers to @cookydoh and @to_soham for their help with the artwork. Thanks a ton guys!

PS: We were supposed to announce this on 13th Feb itself, but could not due to some technical issues at our end. Apologies for the delay. But better late than never, and all that.

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