Four years of Music Aloud..

Four years since we began this space to share our thoughts on music. And over the four years we have shared quite a lot of thoughts – close to 800 posts spread across some 15+ categories. A lot of those categories today lay dormant due to various reasons (mostly time-related), but overall it has been a happy journey. From being mentioned by Outlook magazine among the must-follow twitter handles in the musical category to touching 10 lac page views to adding some more illustrious names to our interviewee list, year 4 too presented us with a bunch of happy moments.

Of the plans we have for year five, first and foremost is a partnership we have chalked out with the folks from OKListen – more details of which shall be announced later today. The other things we have in store (we have quite a few), we shall talk about as they come. Yeah we know we have been delaying the site redesign for an extremely long time now, and we assure you that it shan’t be long before you see Music Aloud in a new avatar!

So keep your love and support coming, and keep a check on our facebook, twitter and youtube accounts – we will be having a lot of stuff happening there. If you have something you would like us to feature on any of these channels, ping us there or drop us a mail on response [at] musicaloud [dot] com. Cheers!


Vipin says:

Thanks a lot man! Really glad to hear such good words. And yeah shall try resuming A Song A Day. Just the time it takes to write one. Keep following the site, we have a lot of stuff coming up!

Vishwajit says:

Great job with this site. Been following it since more than 2 years. Have taken most of the valuable recos from, here which are an irreplaceable part of my collection now.

One suggestion: It would be really good if the A Song A Day (need not necessarily be daily, just individual good pickings) thread is started again 🙂