IndiEarth announces acoustic jam session series for Indie musicians, Out There.




IndiEarth had announced launch of IndiEarth Out There – a fresh new video series featuring an eclectic line up of independent, non-mainstream musicians. The series will feature unsigned musicians from a diverse variety of genres – from avant garde experimental, to indie rock, to Carnatic – blues fusion.

Underground Music Brought to Light

In a world of billboard chart toppers and commercial music successes, the lone voice of the independent artist often finds itself drowned out, in a sea of mainstream radio hits. IndiEarth – a online platform that connects India’s independent artists, to worldwide media – seeks to address these particular needs, of the independent artist. IndiEarth Out There is an intimate portrayal of some of India’s finest underground, undiscovered talent. It features non-mainstream artists from around the country, playing their music in acoustic settings, out in the elements, in a series of quirky, rustic locations. The series also features the artists in casual conversation, speaking about their inspirations, their dreams, their music.

Season 1 of the series will feature artists such as Carnatic blues musician Sean Roldan & Friends; indie rockers The Shakey Rays; fusion violinist Karthick Iyer; avant garde saxophonist Maarten Visser (the Netherlands) and electric violinist Holger Jetter (Germany), to name just a few. The aim of the series, is to bring the music of these artists out to a space where it can be accessed by larger audiences. The series starts in Chennai, and future seasons are scheduled to be shot across the country, in less chartered territories. “

The series debuted on 2nd November with Chennai-based alt rock band The Shakey Rays. You can catch the whole series in future on the official youtube channel or on their website. For now, here is song no. 1 from The Shakey Rays.