Trivandrum Lodge – Music Review (Malayalam Soundtrack)

Composer M Jayachandran gets a very trippy thing going in Theyyaaram – the sprightly arrangement (that violin in the first interlude I loved; increasing incidence of country flavor in Malayalam music), Suchitra’s matchingly buoyant singing and all – but gets one ingredient wrong: the male vocals. While I like M Jayachandran’s singing in general, this song was best left to a more youthful voice – in fact he could have tried the same combo he did in Parannu Vanna Painkili (Benny & Suchi). What could have been an awesome song gets marred hence.  Kilikal Parannatho works better, with its sing along-ish tune and a simple arrangement to go with. Rajesh Krishnan does a tidy job from his end. Best of the short soundtrack belongs to Najim Arshad though. The breezy arrangement, the feel good-ness of the raga (nalinakanthi, I think) and the flawless rendition by Najim – winning combination. The voice-processing could have been avoided though.

Seldom has VK Prakash disappointed when it comes to music in his movies. Trivandrum Lodge doesn’t, either. Having said that VKP+Ouseppachan > VKP+M Jayachandran (I know, just three songs, too less to judge and all that, but couldn’t help it. Big fan of that combo! )

Music Aloud Rating – 7/10

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