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The Khwaabon Ke Parindey feel that underlies the arrangement of Main Kya Karoon is unmistakable, but Pritam builds on that base quite neatly with some lovely retro-styled additions of his own, particularly in the interludes. Nikhil Paul George (debutant?) sounds quite like Ash King, and sings equally well. Kyon is even better, with more vintage sounds and a rhythm that seems like a take on the horse cart template of yore. And on top of that there’s Papon and Sunidhi Chauhan rendering Neelesh Mishra’s simple, charming lyrics. Aashiyan is almost like a playful reprise to Kyon, coming with an equally delightful assortment of sounds – that accordion that kicks off the song and the folksy flute and violin alone are worth multiple listens! Shreya Ghoshal and Nikhil Paul George simply breeze through the rendition.

The only thing that didn’t work much for me in Saawali Si Raat is the singing by Arijit Singh who sounds almost out of breath in places. But Pritam’s tranquil guitar-led arrangement more than makes up for the minor flaw.  Arijit himself reconciles that foible later by nailing the reprise version of Phir Le Aaya Dil, even surpassing the original version that is rendered by Rekha Bhardwaj! The song sees the composer venture into the ghazal territory and pull off a neat job there too, particularly the reprise version which sees an elaborately lovely use of strings. And finally there is Ala Barfi, a song that *still* remains my fav song despite very stiff competition from the other tracks. The whistle, the accordion-led assortment of motley sounds, Swanand Kirkire’s super fun lyrics – the combination is absolute joy. Mohit Chauhan matches the playfulness of the track flawlessly and easily makes his version score over Kirkire’s, despite neat singing from the lyricist. Only grouse is about the flippancy extending to the description of mother’s death and the disability of Ranbir as well, bordering on rudeness (radio on hua, amma off hui.. munna mute hi aansoo bahaaye).

Pritam has been in good form this year, but Barfi is the best by miles, in fact this is his best soundtrack in a long time. Hats off to Anurag Basu for extracting yet another beauty out of the man!

Musicaloud Rating: 9/10

Top Recos: Just go listen to the whole soundtrack!

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Guhan says:

Is it just me the starting tune of Saawali Si Raat resemble just like Dhoop Ke Makaan Sa from Break Ke Baad? Guess they are done with different instruments

Pankaj says:

You are quite right, Nikhil’s voice in song ‘Mai Kya Karu’ is quite similar to ashking. I thought it was ashking. Also The song’s beginning rhythm sounds similar to ‘Dil ka ye Kya raaz hai’

digi says:

Good to see you mentioning the horse cart thing in the song kyon. It resembled o.p naiyar’s kind of songs.

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