Promos out for Coke Studio Season 5 Opening Episode

After four years of brilliant music, the fifth season of Coke Studio is all set for kickoff on 13th of May. For starters the show has released 30-sec teasers of Season 5 Opener episode. The lineup – Bohemia, Symt, Hadiqa Kiani, Hamayoon Khan, Atif Aslam+Qayaas. For the first time Coke Studio has featured rap on its sets, with Bohemia. Bollywood aficionados, particularly Akshay Kumar fans, would recognize Bohemia from his appearances in Akshay movies like Desi Boyz, 8×10 Tasveer, Chandni Chowk To China etc (and that is my worry! 😉 ) 30 seconds are too less to pass a proper opinion, but first thoughts – Bohemia’s rap actually sounds good, Symt did not make much of an impression, Hadiqa seems to possess a strong voice, and Kamlee has a zing about it, but not sure how good her singing is. Hamayoon Khan seems a winner, and Charkha Nolakha I will look forward to more for Qayaas than Atif. Anyways, you see the promos yourself and decide.