Billa 2 – Music Review

Corny lyrics and the stale techno-based template form a perfect turn off combo in Gangster (Gang Gang Gangster, if you so wish). The over-processed vox from Stefany and composer Yuvan Shankar Raja don’t help matters much. But right in the next song the composer makes a 180 degree turn with a stunner called Idhayam! The use of instruments is just brilliant – the keys, the veena, the flute and most importantly the spaced-out use of the table. And the icing on the cake is Shweta Pandit’s effortless rendition. And I think I sensed traces of Reethigowlai raga in places, which possibly adds to the allure of the song. Madurai Ponnu sees the composer expertly fuse folk and Arabic elements to back a westernized rendition from Andrea Jeremiah. And this one too is quite engaging. After enjoying those two tracks Unakkullae Mirugam comes quite literally as a slap in the face with its mediocrity. Even Ranjith’s singing annoys, due to the fake gruffness he seems to be trying out in his voice. Yedho is relatively better with YSR not overdosing on the techno factor in the breezy arrangement. The infusion of nadaswaram is especially smart. Suvi Suresh, Tanvi Shah and Yuvan carry the vocal part nicely enough. The soundtrack ends on a tepid note with a pretty unimaginative theme.

But for two surprise spikes, largely disappointing soundtrack from Yuvan Shankar Raja for the much-hyped Billa 2.

Music Aloud Rating: 6/10

Top Recos: Idhayam, Madurai Ponnu, Yedho