Housefull 2 – Music Review

You can listen to the soundtrack here.

The composers Sajid Wajid have pretty much no credit to take on Papa Toh Band Bajaaye as it essentially this tune embellished with some clarinet hooks et al, most prominent of which seems to have been borrowed from the title hook of this. Nevertheless the lyrics by Sameer and Neeraj Shridhar do hold your attention With Malaika onscreen and Mamta Sharma alongside Sukhwinder behind, one cannot but compare Anarkali Disco Chali with Munni Badnaam, though the common factors end with what I stated previously.And it is indeed entertaining, but not on the same level. One of Mamta’s better renditions post Munni in any case. And two remixes are a bit too much for this. Even the Punjabi+hip hop Right Now Now has a languid charm about it. Sunidhi’s role is minimal though, with Wajid and Suzanne leading the proceedings. The remix does away with that charm factor, and hence is avoidable. And finally there is a very retro-sounding Do U Know executed quite neatly with the composer duo throwing in a lot of folk elements (the stringed instrument sounded like a banjo. Nice touch that!) to good effect. The vocal part is carried off equally well by the reliable Shaan and Shreya Ghoshal. This one could have been spared of a remix, without the folk factor it sounds quite weak.

For the kind of movie that Housefull 2 is, the soundtrack surprisingly exceeds expectations!

Music Aloud Rating: 6/10

Top Recos: Do U Know, Right Now Now

nilanjan says:

anarkali disco chali reminds me of a song from london dreams – man ko ati bhavey