Blood Money – Music Review

You can listen to the soundtrack here (link courtesy @iPeeKay as usual).

Composer Jeet Ganguly’s three tunes for Blood Money are apparently reusals from his previous Bengali works. I haven’t heard the Bengali, but the Hindi versions worked fairly well for me. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan  rules Chaahat with his spectacular singing, supported to the tee by some very imaginative flute phrases. Roxen frontman Mustafa Zahid returns to Bollywood after some time to sing Jeet’s Gunaah which does remind of some past Mustafa song (probably from Awarapan) probably due to the singer’s style. Engaging nevertheless. The slower, mellower Unplugged version has less of that past evocation with the composer using Rana Mazumder in place of Zahid. And lovely choice of instruments here. The Robert Miles-ish Jo Tere Sang starts off interestingly but then takes a dip towards the antaras. Does work in parts though, Mustafa Zahid’s being a major plus. A third song featuring Zahid comes from composer no. 2 Pranay, a song that follows the standard Bhatt formula of rock+melancholy with expected results, but with increasing tedium. The remix is a fast forward of the original devoid of much imagination and thereby avoidable. Final song Aarzoo would have been much better had composers Siddharth and Sangeet Haldipur gone easy on the voice-processing. As it happens, Clinton Cerejo’s efforts are pretty much wasted.

Not the best of soundtracks from the Bhatt stable, but could help getting Jeet Ganguly some long-overdue attention.

Music Aloud Rating – 6.5/10

Top Recos – Chaahat, Gunaah

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