Kahaani – Music Review (Bollywood Movie Soundtrack)

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For the kind of laid back city that Kolkata is, Vishal Shekhar’s ode Aami Shotti Bolchi is uncharacteristically boisterous, what with the effervescent Usha Uthup  leading the affairs well-supported by Shekhar (surprised that he took up the growling instead of Vishal) and Vishwesh. The broadway-ish track does reflect the city’s once popular musical taste though, the jazz template that stands out among the variety of genres that it goes through, the composers incorporating clever tributes to yesteryear item numbers in the process as is their wont. All that and the nicely worded lines from Vishal, fantastic listen. Like with RA One, the pick of the soundtrack happens in the form a classical fusion piece, V-S bringing Pakistani powerhouse Javed Bashir to render Piya Tu Kaahe Rootha Re. And in his trademark style, he takes us through some superb alaaps and sargams while adding to the sinister effect wonderfully is the pulsating rock background. Tore Bina is a lovely follow-up, helped along the way by Sukwinder Singh’s spotless rendition. The way the arrangement peaks around the title hook is particularly addictive.

Kahaani is the only normal track in the otherwise brilliant lineup, set to a pretty dated template. KK’s soulful crooning only helps add to the ennui. The female version however is an improvement with the composers replacing the repetitive template with an acoustic guitar. And Shreya Ghoshal doesn’t disappoint on the vocals. Vishal Shekhar present another winner while bowing out, their own version of the legendary Tagore poem, Ekla Cholo Re (with some Hindi lyrics by Vishal and English lines by Clinton). Big B renders the song in his resounding voice while the composers beautifully incorporate a western chorus into the proceedings.

From the trailer of Kahaani I had prepared myself for a dark, melancholic soundtrack. Au contraire, Vishal Shekhar’s score is surprisingly light-hearted. Not that I am complaining, this is superlative work from the duo, one of their career best.

Music Aloud Rating: 8.5/10

Top Recos: Piya Tu Kaahe, Aami Shotti Bolchi, Tore Bina

Sheetal says:

Kahaani is a Indian Thriller film. in this film Actress Vidya balan is a pregnant woman in search of her missing husband.

Daal mein Kuch Kaala Hai

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VIP says:

@anfaal: i didnt deny vishwesh’s role. but since there was no other male portion shekhar had to have been part of the growling too, something he is not generally seen doing.

anfaal says:

how do u know its shekhar who did growling?why wnt it be vishwesh??

@Rohwit says:

Who is the lyricist? bataya nahin bey? disagree a bit