Ishq – Music Review (Telugu Movie Soundtrack)

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With some imaginative touches like Karthik’s whistling and Jaishankar Iyer’s melodica rendition over a breezy Spanish template, composer duo Aravind-Shankar’s Edho Edho charms right from the word go. Pradeep Vijay and Kalyani Nair carry the vocals part with equal sincerity, and you have a winner on your hands. The composers pretty much tread a tried and tested path in the other song Sutiga Choodaku  though, barring a surprise “seetha kalyaana” segment in the second interlude. Hariharan and Saindhavi’s rendition does enhance the overall experience quite a bit. Aravind-Shankar then pass the baton to Anup Reubens who starts off with Oh Priya Priya, a song whose high point is the fact that Nithya Menen accompanies Adnan Sami in the singing. Otherwise it is a pretty middling track riddled with clichéd melodic elements. There is no quality as such to speak of about Lachhamma, the techno elements are actually overboard in places. Nevertheless the song works on the foot tap-inducement front, like such songs are supposed to. Given the techno elements in the original though, a club mix is a redundancy. Chinnadhana is where the composer really contributes something of value, a zingy arrangement and vocals to boot. A bit less of vocal processing would have been perfect.

Enjoyable score from Aravind-Shankar and Anup Reubens, Ishq.

Music Aloud Rating – 7/10

Top Recos: Edho Edho, Chinnadhana, Sutiga Choodaku