Unreleased track from Dewarists out for free download!

So apparently the wonderful music from Season 1 of the cult show called The Dewarists isn’t over yet. Episode 8 of the show had featured Midival Punditz collaborating with Humble The Poet and Monica Dogra in the fab ambience of Goan beaches to produce No I D Required. As it turns out, that was not the only song they produced in the three days they were together. There were three more songs, of which one song titled Silent Screams has been put out on soundcloud by the Punditz for free download (HT to Praveen VR for the find)! Slower in tempo than No ID.. but a good listen, mainly due to Shaair’s singing.  And a groovy arrangement.

So here is what you do. Click here or go to the widget below, and click on the download button. And soon, before the download limit has reached (if they have set such a thing). Enjoy the music! The important question now is whether Dewarists have more such unreleased tracks. If yes, hoping that we will soon get to hear those too.
Silent Screams – Punditz, Shaair and Humble The Poet (Free Download!) by Midival Punditz