Kailasa – Rangeele: Music Review

You can listen to the album here.

The title song provides a sparkling start to Rangeele, the highlight of course being Kailash Kher’s singing and the lyrics, the title hook especially lilting. The arrangement is primarily acoustic guitar with other elements like sax and flute and some other exotic-sounding touches in places. Tu Kya Jaane follows up nicely, a smartly done breezy arrangement mitigating to quite an extent the heard-beforeness in Kailash’s singing. The minute-long stretch towards the end where Naresh & Paresh’s chorus is juxtaposed with Kailash’s vocals to an overdrive of strings in the background is the high point of the song. The déjà vu factor seems to get stronger with each song, Albeliya a notch up on that front, even as Kailash’s voice and guitars (is there something like an oud involved?) form a truly intoxicating combo good enough to have you hooked. With an orchestration that slightly reminds one of Bhatt flicks, Yadaan Teriyaan has an effect quite like the previously said Bhatt flick songs have, the haunting kind. The hauntingness is quite reduced in the acoustic version. Daaro Na Rang piques the attention more for the contrast between the orchestration and the vocals than for the song as such, which starts to get tedious after a bit.

Kathagaan provides another fresh burst to the proceedings, Kailash getting into a super-exuberant story rendition backed by an immensely engaging arrangement (guess the lead instrument is a banjo). And the song is rounded off with some brilliant kanjira+konnakol. Babbaji is the exact opposite though, having pretty much nothing new to offer. The attempt at comedy in Hudkaan Maan Bitti falls flat. And the only thing that is fresh about Dharti Pe Jannat is the fact that there is Amitabh Bachchan doing a cameo towards the end – overwhelmingly repetitive otherwise. Ujaale Baant Lo that closes the soundtrack is relatively better, but even that isn’t without an overall Kailasa-ness about it.

An album that has some excellent music but is largely evocative of the band’s past. At least some of those songs work this time, but once more shall be cutting it too fine. Which would be rather unfortunate for a band of Kailasa’s proficiency.

Music Aloud Rating: 6.5/10

Top Recos: Kathagaan, Rangeele, Tu Kya Jaane, Albeliya