Happy 46th, ARR!

46 years, since A S Dileep Kumar was born. And 20 years, since he changed the way we perceive film music, with that score for Mani Ratnam – a combo which subsequently gifted some out-of-the-world music to us. Anyone who follows ARR’s music would undoubtedly agree that the sound of ARR’s music has changed over the years, in fact there are many who sorely miss the 90s music of ARR (yours truly included). But that is no reason to conclude that ARR has lost his touch, the man quite adequately proved that with that cracker of a soundtrack this year for Rockstar. Sadly though this writeup comes at a time when another soundtrack of his has released, which wouldn’t count among his best works courtesy the dubbed lyrics. Hardly a matter of concern though actually, given that there is always the Tamil original to fall back to. Therefore,  not letting that worry me on this wonderful day, here is wishing the maestro a lot more years of celebration and of lovely music. And as a birthday tribute, here is a compilation of my 30 fav instrumental tracks from Rahman (one of the few themes I could think of where the list could be a restricted to a fairly reasonable number of songs! 🙂 ). Enjoy!