Tutiya Dil – Music Review (Bollywood Movie Soundtrack)

You can listen to the soundtrack here.

The clandestine guitar sounds provide the ideal base for an interestingly arranged opener Satrangiya Dil that the composer Gulraj Singh himself delivers, quite commendably. I totally loved the Nimminnina refrain! Song no. 2 is Kutiya Dil. And the lead vocalist, probably a choice prompted by his Delhi Belly repute, is Ram Sampath, with Prakriti Kakar playing chorus. As expected, attitude-loaded lyrics from Manoj Yadav, with an arrangement that sees multiple genres infused quite impressively into a rock-ish template (Shon Pinto at the helm, on lead guitar). But the mind automatically started doing a comparison with Delhi Belly, and on that count, it doesn’t quite pack the same level of punch. The composer doles out a nice breezy melody next, Le Chalo sung by Meenal Jain and a very Tochi Raina-esque Jaswinder Singh. Smart, controlled orchestration (is there a faint touch of Celt music?) and a neat rendition by two singers with evidently sound classical base.

In Aalakh Niranjan the composer gives a spunky Middle Eastern sound to a sinister folk tune (Sindhubhairavi raag, I think). Divya Kumar does a fabulous job of singing the song, with Akriti Kakar playing a minimal support role in the title hook portions. Gulraj follows it up with another experimental track Saiyaan, whose employment of percussion makes it particularly engaging. There are places where one gets reminded of Johnny Breakbeat Mera Naam he did in Johnny Gaddar. The composer dons the vocalist hat in this one too, ably accompanied by Akriti Kakar and Sayantani Das. It is only in the final track, Aag Lage, where the composer digresses from the high standards he maintains throughout the soundtrack, having created a run-of-the-mill techno-Punjabi piece. Good singing by Aalam Gir Khan though, with quirky lyrics from Manoj.

Seeing the title and the trailer of the movie I had a fear I would be treated to a stereotypical soundtrack. Instead Gulraj Singh makes an imaginative and very promising Bollywood debut (this is his first full soundtrack) in Tutiya Dil. Not very surprising actually, if one were to go by the reviews his devotional album Ganaraj Adhiraj got a few days back (which I am yet to hear, shall listen up immediately!). Hope the Ganaraj has in return blessed him with a movie worthy of such music!

Music Aloud Rating: 7.75/10

Top Recos: Satrangiya Dil, Aalakh Niranjan, Le Chalo

Urvashi says:

awaiting ur review of Ganaraj Adhiraj!!!! i personally loved it!!!