Troikala – the art within a trio: Bickram Ghosh, Papon and Rachel Sermanni

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World-renowned percussionist, Bickram Ghosh, Assamese folk/indie singer, Papon and Scottish singer-songwriter Rachel Sermanni – three musicians from three diverse backgrounds – will come together for ‘Troikala’, in search of an exploratory musical synergy in folk music that transcends borders. Curated and organized by British Council in association with Folktronic, ‘Troikala’ will see the three musicians work together from December 2011 to May 2012 to produce an album and a concert tour in India and the UK to showcase their collaborative efforts.

What’s interesting about this project is the distinctly different sensibilities within the realm of folk music that each of these musicians share. Rachel Sermanni and Papon will collaborate on a joint album and concert project with Bickram, whose own music is influenced by folk rhythms from India and across the world. While Sermanni’s sound is seeped in influences from Celtic music, Papon’s tunes bear a strong imprint of the folk traditions of North East India. This eclectic blend of traditional sounds of different regions will allow listeners to explore a whole new palate of sonically evolved folk music, rich with heritage while borrowing influences from new age textures and will crackle into a perfect fusion of sorts.

“This concept allows us to explore our talent to create a unique sound. Rachel Sermanni and Papon are great artists and when the three of us get together, we plan to introduce interesting musical concepts by merging each of our unique perspectives, which will come together as one awesome sound in the end,” says Bickram Ghosh.

“We will be experimenting with each other’s folk sensibilities, and I may introduce some electronic elements and Hindustani classical instruments into the collaboration. This collaboration, owing to our similarities within folk music, will definitely lead to something interesting. You can expect something unexpected,” says Papon.

“I still look on the prospect of going to India to play with Papon and Bickram with disbelief; I just can’t believe how lucky I am to be given the opportunity. We will be writing together then we will hopefully have a good time performing and recording the results. I can’t wait,” says Rachel Sermanni.

Troikala concert in India

29th December 2011, Kolkata

Venue: Calcutta International Classical Guitar Festival 2011, ICCR Auditorium, Kolkata

Time: 8 pm

5th January 2012, Delhi 

Venue: British Council Auditorium, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Time: 7 pm

Entry: Free. Limited passes available 27th December onwards at the British Council reception. Seating on first-come-first-serve basis. For more information, call
(011) 23711401.

Rachel Sermanni performs solo in Mumbai

7th January 2011

Venue: Live From The Console, Mehboob Studio, Bandra

Time: 6.30 pm

Entry: Rs. 150

Bickram Ghosh is dubbed as a new-age percussion star, ranked amongst the great tabla players of India. Son of the great tabla maestro Pandit Shankar Ghosh, Bickram has also learnt the nuances of Carnatic percussion and he has carved a niche for himself in his diverse avatars as classical musician and avant garde artiste and composer. He has over 70 recordings as soloist, composer and collaborator, and has played on a number of Grammy nominated albums as well.

Papon is an Assamese singer, composer, programmer and producer. Born to popular local musicians Archana Mahanta and Khagen Mahanta, he was introduced to music early on in his childhood and his initial training was in Indian classical, devotional and folk music from Assam. His current music covers genres like ambient electronic, acoustic folk and new-age Indian classical music and includes influences of pentatonic Mongoloid notes, local river song influences, Indian classical music and ghazals and new-age electronica.

Rachel Sermanni is a 19-year-old Scottish singer-songwriter from a small village in the Highlands, called Carrbridge. Her work conjures a kaleidoscopic reverie of sights and sounds, from smoky, old-school jazz clubs to Glaswegian indie-pop and pastoral folk-tinged choirs and natural affinity with any audience belies her young age. Rachel is currently putting the glue work to her debut EP which will be out January next year.

About British Council

British Council supports the music industry in India through Soundpad. Over the last four years British Council has been working successfully with the music sector, using a range of approaches to link theUKs music industry to the rapidly growing independent Indian music scene. As a result there have been a wide range of British acts visiting India and vice versa, interesting collaborations and albums such as John Leckie’s project with Swarathma, Advaita, Indigo Children and Advaita and even industry conferences like Un-Convention.

About Folktronic

A sub brand of DAY 1, Sony Music’s Independent music initiative, Folktronic is a platform that brings to the fore front the culture of Indian folk music to the youth/world in a contemporary format. Derived from the genre Folktronica, the venture aspires to develop artists & repertoire with collaboration opportunities between folk and new-age artists. From LIVE, A&R management to digital, Folktronic takes a 360 degree approach to represent Indian music on a global stage.