Vellaripraavinte Changaathi – Music Review (Malayalam Movie Soundtrack)

You can listen to the songs here.

Vellaripraavinte Changaathi is apparently a story that was filmised in the 70s, but couldn’t be completed, and is being made again by the then director’s son in the same settings. How true the director has made the movie to the age shall have to be seen, but the soundtrack presented by Mohan Sithara leaves one in no doubt of that fact. The three-song soundtrack is totally yesteryear in its feel. Pathinezhinte Poonkarayil has Shreya Ghoshal and Kabeer crooning a soulful romantic melody (and Shreya alone in an alternate version), while the Oppana piece Naanam Chaalicha is rendered by Manjari and Priya Aji. And the kiddie song Thekko Thekkorikkal has Poornashree (who sang the composer’s Annaarakkanna in Bhramaram) in the lead. So yes, the soundtrack is a wonderful trip to the 60s from the composer. The flip side? Every song reminds strongly of some old song or the other from a similar genre. Of course, one might argue that songs from that era are rarely made without drawing inspiration from some track. But the same Mohan Sithara also made Annaarakkanna which, while sounding retro, was very original stuff. Here though, there is very little Mohan Sithara that you can detect anywhere, it is mostly either Baburaj or Raghavan Master or some other veteran.

Nitpickings aside though, it is always a pleasure to listen to retro-based songs. And for that reason, Vellaripraavinte Changaathi is a must-listen.

Music Aloud Rating: 7/10

Top Recos: All three are recommended, but my fav is Thekko Thekkorikkal which reminded me of this classic children’s song.