Ghost – Music Review (Bollywood Movie Soundtrack)

Jalwanuma follows the haunting-melancholic melody template now popular as the “Bhatt feature formula”, only Ghost is not a Bhatt movie. The tune works though, Toshi Sabri getting Akram Sabri to sing the song with him, thereby adding another Sabri to the long list of Sabris in the music scene – quite a musical clan I say. Aaja Khatam Sabr is also haunting, but without that Bhatt hangover, featuring some nicely imaginative segments from composers Toshi and Sharib. And Sunidhi carries out her part neatly. Salame Salame is once again templatized dance music, and passes muster mainly due to the vocal efforts of Shaan and Sharib Sabri. With Dil Ke Liye the composers once again take on the Bhatt elements but the effect, despite that factor, is outstanding, even better than the first song – more so with Javed Ali’s singing. A very standard rock-based track (again with the Bhatt flavour) sung by Sharib called Kahan Hai Tu ends the soundtrack on a low-key note.

Decent but repetitive stuff this from the reliable duo Toshi Sharib for a flick that stands a good chance of going unnoticed except for being Shiney Ahuja’s comeback movie.

Music Aloud Rating: 6.25/10

Top Recos: Dil Ke Liye, Jalwanuma, Aaja Khatam Sabr