Osthe – Music Review (Tamil Movie Soundtrack)

The title song is your regular hero intro (tamil) song, grand trumpet sounds, kuthu beats and the paraphernalia. And it starts off quite engagingly, Baba Sehgal leading the vocals with Ranjith, Rahul Nambiar and Naveen Madhav doing the backing, but somewhere in between the repetitiveness gets to you. Composer Thaman gets behind the mic with Rita to sing Unnaale Unnaale, a song which stands out for its spectacular arrangement. From the stringed instrument (mandolin/ukulele/banjo, I can’t be sure) that kicks off the proceedings the orchestration goes through some fabulous moments, despite once again following a kuthu template on the beats front. The playback, especially by Thaman, isn’t perfect, but you will hardly notice that, the song makes up for all that. Rahul Nambiar and Mahathi’s Neduvaali is a reusal of the composer’s tune from Mirapakaya and works as did the original (once again kuthu-based, btw). The kuthu-flavor continues into the next song as well, Silambarasan rendering a rather cheesily-penned and middlingly arranged Pondaatti. Thaman reserves the best for last, the severely addictive Kalasala. Though the visuals (I am guessing this is the one featuring Simbu and Mallika) and fleeting moments here and there in the song make it quite clear that this is a take on Munni, Kalasala is an out and out tamil track. And with the composer getting the super-exuberant L R Easwari and T Rajendar leading the vocals (with Solar Sai doing a wonderful job of backing them) things couldn’t have got any better! I am definitely looking forward to watching this one!

So a completely kuthu-based soundtrack. Not everything works, but it would act as perfect material for Simbu to display more of his dance skills. And even within the template the class that Thaman possesses does surface in places.

Music Aloud Rating – 6.75/10

Top Recos – Kalasala, Unnaale Unnale, Neduvaali