Jo Dooba So Paar – It’s Love In Bihar: Music Review (Bollywood Movie Soundtrack)

Composer Manish J Tipu pretty much starts off “Jo Dooba So Paar – It’s Love In Bihar!” from where he finished his debut work Phas Gaye Re Obama, presenting a similarly structured Shiv Ka Baaje Damroo, the folk orchestration, the whacky lyrics and all that. Tochi Raina does an exuberant job as lead vocalist, Pia Sukanya’s English portions could have been avoided though. An even more engaging listen awaits you in Andey Garam Garam, the composer borrowing the lead hook of Aao Bacchon Tumhe Dikhayen to create a fun song, helped a great deal by Shellee’s quirky lyrics and Raghuvir Yadav’s crude singing. Keerthi Sagathia sounds surprisingly Himesh-like in places while singing Chala Hoon. This song too is fairly interestingly arranged by Manish with an intelligent mix of instruments and a commendable use of the chorus. The rock-n-roll feel is conveyed well in Saaley, and proficient as she is in delivering Western-flavored songs, Aditi Singh Sharma carries out the rendition neatly. The composer himself gets behind the mic for the final song Pehli Baar Dekha, yet again retro-flavored, but in a way that quite reminds of such songs as Baar Baar Dekho. Very feel-good song, and nicely sung by the composer. Didnt like the way it ended though.

Manish J Tipu follows up his decent debut with another fairly engaging soundtrack. But like the debut I have a feeling the songs might go unnoticed here too.

Music Aloud Rating – 7/10

Top Recos – Andey Garam Garam, Saaley, Chala Hoon