Indian Rupee – Music Review (Malayalam Movie Soundtrack)

You can hear previews of all the songs here.

Retro seems like the flavour of Malayalam music this season – almost every movie features at least one retro tribute/remix. So in Indian Rupee Ranjith gets composer Shahabaz Aman to do, through Pokayaayi, what seems like a reprise to this classic Baburaj song from Umma, and the result is fabulous. The yesteryear-ish orchestration is simple and addictive, the singing by Venugopal and Asha G Menon spot on. Anthimaanam is just the general sugary-romantic song (Mohanam-based?), that owes a lot of its charm to MG Sreekumar and Sujatha in an otherwise heard-before template. The real winner of the soundtrack though, is the final track Ee Puzhayum, that works beautifully in both its forms. While in the original version Shahabaz weaves a haunting strings-led fabric for the melancholic tune, in the unplugged edition he sheds the layered orchestration for a couple of acoustic guitars, and produces an equally appealing track. And a superlative effort by Vijay Yesudas both times, it is indeed gladdening to see the kind of improvement he has shown from his initial days.

His songs for Pakal Nakshathrangal might have gone unnoticed, but Indian Rupee will surely do the needful for composer Shahabaz Aman. Ranjith is not someone who wastes the songs in his movies.

Music Aloud Rating – 7.5/10

Top Recos – Four songs, what is there.