7aum Arivu – Music Review (Tamil Movie Soundtrack)

The Rise Of Damo sung by Hao Wang makes for a lovely listen – despite the song as such sounding nursery rhyme-ish in many places – coz Chinese music always has that mystic air about it and charms in almost every form. Not to take any credit off Harris Jayaraj though, for a matchingly captivating arrangement punctuated at the right places with carnatic elements (veena has been played by Rajesh Vaidhya). The melancholic Yamma Yamma rides quite heavily on the shoulders of SPB’s soulful vocals and the ghatam phrases by Karthick. The arrangement otherwise sees its highest point in the second interlude where Shwetha Mohan plays a cameo. Innum Enna Thozha similarly works majorly owing to Balram’s singing and that bass loop on which HJ builds quite a compelling anthemic framework. Naresh Iyer and Suchitra play their support role well.

And with the above three songs end everything that Harris Jayaraj has to offer newly as part of 7aam (or 7aum?) Arivu. The other three songs are inevitable HJ rehashes. Mun Andhi is the regular four chords theory-compliant tune heavily evocative of songs like Engeyum Kaadhal, to take the most recent example. The tune works though, with Karthik doing the singing alongside Megha it is hard to ignore. Yellai Lama is also saved to an extent by the choice of vocalists – Vijay Prakash, Karthik, Shruti Hassan and Shalini. Nevertheless the tedium of the tune wins by the time you pass half the song. Even Roshan, Jerry, Benny and Suchitra don’t succeed in providing any such reprieve for Oh Ringa Ringa, just avoid it.

Disappointing soundtrack for the kind of hype surrounding 7aum Arivu. Wonder when Harris Jayaraj will get over the obsession with his thoroughly over-used templates.

Music Aloud Rating – 6.75/10

Top Recos – The Rise Of Damo, Innum Enna Thozha, Yamma Yamma

VIP says:

@ram: if i wanted to malign HJ’s name i would have pointed out stuff like how ringa ringa is similar to taxi taxi. i have nothing against HJ. just that with 7aum arivu the hype was so big i expected a soundtrack to the scale of something like anniyan. so naturally i was disappointed.

Ram says:

I guess you hate Harris Jayaraj. I know these songs are avg, but you’re always trying to malign HJ’s name. Poor review!