Mayakkam Enna – Music Review (Tamil Movie Soundtrack)

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From its foreboding start G V Prakash Kumar manages to bolster Naan Sonnadhum to a fairly engaging track on the back of an imaginative techno-folk mix in the arrangement. Naresh Iyer and Saindhavi drawl their way through the song quite commendably, though it might probably have worked better with someone more crude-sounding. Saindhavi leaves no such room for doubt in the Pirai Thedum though, absolutely nailing the addictive track with ample support from GVP, both on vocals and orchestration. Ennenna Seidhom comes in a soothing retro-ish package (kalyani ragam, I am guessing) sung nicely by Harish Raghavendra. I confuse his voice with Balram’s many a times. And I don’t know if it’s just me, the song reminded of Amma Enrazhaikkatha from Mannan in places. Could be the raga and the feel.

Dhanush doesn’t come off as a guy who possesses much proficiency when it comes to singing, but he does a surprisingly decent job in Voda Voda, a song that quite goes with his general appearance. GVP is once again wonderful on the arrangement front, though he could have gone a bit easy on that reverb. There better be some reason in the video for that chipmunk voice, that is the only turn off in the audio. Equally entertaining is Kaadhal Yen Kaadhal where the composer gets director Selvaraghavan to join Dhanush behind the mic. Listening to the orchestration, the song could well have been from Aadukalam. And finally there is the breathtaking theme that sees a lovely interplay between the piano, flute and violins before switching to rock mode in the last minute.

G V Prakash Kumar continues his good form, dishing out another appealing soundtrack for Mayakkam Enna. Hope that this one at least does not find its way into itwofs!

Music Aloud Rating – 7.5/10

Top Recos – Pirai Thedum, Kaadhal Yen Kaadhal, Theme song