Damadamm – Music Review (Bollywood Movie Soundtrack)

You can listen to the soundtrack here (link courtesy @prabshoney)

Building on a corrupted lead refrain of the legendary qawwali, Himesh Reshammiya creates an engaging techno-Punjabi title song to open the soundtrack of Damadamm. A long vocal lineup of Punnu Brar, Palak Muchhal, Shabab Sabri, Alam Gir Khan, Sabina Shaikh, Vineet Singh, Rubina Shaikh and Himesh carry out the singing quite efficiently. The remix is techno overdose. Umrao Jaan is a fun listen, primarily due to the No Toucheeng Only Seeing.. portions from Purbi Joshi (not sure if she has pulled off the accent flawlessly though). The song part is once again Punjabi-flavored, handled by the composer. The remix is again devoid of any creativity merely a fast forwarded and techno-soaked version of the original. Aaja Ve has an interesting guitar-led lounge-ish background but the tune and the vocals (by the composer, again!) do it in. In fact in this case the remix tops the original due to a far superior arrangement, but again coz of the previously mentioned factors they go waste. Himesh comes together with Aditi Singh Sharma to render the folksy Madhushala, the pick of the soundtrack. The usually flawless Aditi seems to stumble slightly in this song, not quite able to pull off the classical-tinged portions in her polished vocals, and I would have preferred Himesh to be consistent in his pronounciation of “Madhusala”. Barring those quibbles, engaging track. The two remixes aren’t half as interesting though.

The composer reminds us of his way with melodies in the sweet and breezy Yun Toh Mera Dil which would have made a far more compelling listen had anyone apart from Himesh joined Sadhana Sargam. Let’s face it, Himesh’s voice is not suited for melody, at least of this kind.  Hence the same goes for the lovely Hum Tum (Vaishali Made’s fabulous classical cameo deserving a special mention). And the next melody Tere Bina. Three songs! I do not get it, the man gives a fabulous melody in Bodyguard, and sees the wonderful results it produced coming in the voice of RFAK and Shreya. Then why does he have to insist on singing himself in this case? Anyways, coming back to the soundtrack, the last two tracks from Himesh are also sung by him. The first, I Need My Space, is annoying and avoidable, while the second, Mango, makes for a good listen if you turn a deaf ear to its “mindblowing” lyrics. And I mean mindblowing in its literal sense; such inanity is bound to blow your mind to smithereens! And in the end there is guest composer Sachin Gupta’s Bhool Jaaun, the only song not to feature Himesh on vocals. Quite like his regular compositions, the melancholic rock-ish sorts, but works.

Another soundtrack that could have been much better if not for Himesh Reshammiya’s insistence to sing EVERY song. Nevertheless, Damadamm manages to mitigate the Himesh factor to come out as a fairly entertaining soundtrack.

Music Aloud Rating — 6.75/10

Top Recos — Madhushala, Yun Toh Mera Dil, Hum Tum