Chillar Party (Hindi Movie Soundtrack) – Music Review

You can listen to the soundtrack here. (link courtesy once again, mr. prabshoney)

Amit Trivedi follows the standard tapori song template for Tai Tai Phish and its mildly modified version Aa Rela Hai Apun and they work like such songs generally do — the foot-tapping-ness, the energy and all that. And the composer is perfect as lead singer, belting out the street lingo in his throaty voice. He is supported by Jaishri Trivedi in thef first song and Armaan Malik, Tanmay Chaudhari, Amitabh Bhattacharya and Arvind Vishwakarma in the latter. Nevertheless there is nothing Amit Trivedi-ish about the arrangement, he has pulled off similar genres with much more élan in the past. The composer sounds more in his elements in the next song Chatte Batte sung by Mohit Chauhan with assistance from Armaan Malik, Gaurika Rai and Keshav Rai. Very flippant and engaging orchestration with a lot of outlandish sounds thrown in, the song is sure to strike a chord with the kids. And the composer gives a part of the track a sedate makeover in the sad version sung by Mohit alone. Ziddi Piddi too has unconventional elements in its arrangement, but on a more orchestral scale. And with some rock also thrown in in places, the song is a good listen, though somewhere the vocal section does carry a heard-before feel about it.

Ek School Banana Hai sounds exactly like how Udaan’s soundtrack would have been had it been made with a much younger cast. Lovely orchestration with a slight garnishing of frivolity brought about by the use of ukulele and splendid vocals from Gaurav Rai, Keshav Rai, Firoza and students of Ajivasan School (Suresh Wadkar’s), the song is the high point of the soundtrack. Behla Do that follows is equally wonderful, Amit Trivedi getting kids to sing a rock song! And Armaan Malik and Firoza do a spectacular job at the vocals. Though not at the same level, the final song Liar Liar too features some excellent singing by Gaurika Rai and Keshav Rai and is engaging mainly for that factor, and for some elements in the arrangement (is that a Chinese violin being played in the initial portions? Loved it!).

Chillar Party – not Amit Trivedi’s best, but a fairly entertaining soundtrack. Should work better with the visuals. Talking of visuals I am guessing the first song is the one featuring Ranbir Kapoor in his dad’s avatar.

Music Aloud Rating — 7/10

Top recos — Ek School Banana Hai, Behla Do, Chatte Batte