MTV Roots – New show promoting indie music to be aired from June 17

For those counting down to the launch of Coke Studio @ MTV, the channel has more in store for you on the 17th of June. At 8.30 pm tomorrow MTV shall kick off another show called MTV Roots, a 30 minute programme promoting Indie music from the subcontinent. Just to give you a general picture, the artistes being featured include Avial, Ankur Tewari, MIA, Mekal Hasan Band, Bombay Rockers and many others. And like Coke Studio this too shall be a weekly thing, with repeat shows on Saturday and Sunday at 12.30 pm. With Coke Studio and now Roots as well being launched tomorrow, one might as well christen June 17th as MTV Resurrection Day!

Sonal says:

Thanks for the info. Was only aware of Coke Studio. Had stopped watching MTV since ages, thanks to its conversion to a complete bollywood channel and sick reality shows. Am so hoping that Coke Studio lives up to all the expectations that we have. Will surely watch ROOTS too.