Music Review – Coke Studio Season 4 Episode 2

You can download the songs from the official site here.

Sajjad Ali’s sprightly Kirkir Kirkir starts off the proceedings in Episode 2 (wonder why they didn’t go for naming the episodes this time), a very sing along-ish folk track set to contemporary orchestration. The western twist provided on occasions by the violin and chorus work quite well. From a contemporized folk number the show moves on to a true blue folk track next, Senraan Ra Baairya, One feels a happy feeling well up within as we listen to Asif Hussain Samraat take us through the Rajasthani track in his pristine soulful voice. Hyatt quite aptly chooses the simplest of arrangement to go with the song, and with Zoe Viccaji providing the backing at the right places as well, the song is total bliss. The episode continues along folk territory with Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi reciting the tragic love story of Sassi and Punnu through his Ni Oothaan Waale. Esakhelvi sounds quite like sufi singer Saieen Zahoor who had made an appearance in Season 2 and sung that peach of a song Aik Alif with Noori. The song is again fabulously arranged, a bit more fast-paced than the previous folk track. Here too the backing vocalist is impeccable in her job. Not as captivating as the previous one, but good listen nevertheless.

It is Kaavish who take things outside of the folk genre with a beautiful lullaby Nindiya Re. Wiki tells me Kaavish is a contemporary semi-classical band, and if Nindiya Re is anything to go by I am already a huge fan! An ultra-soothing song helped on its way by Jaffer Zaidi’s dulcet voice and the perfect choice of instruments. Praising the backing vocalists has become a redundant exercise by now. 🙂 As in episode 1, episode 2 too closes with a classical track, and interestingly this too is a composition in raaga Hindolam/Malkauns. While Sighra was Sanam’s solo act, Kangna sees a mindblowing duel between qawwali exponents Fareed Ayaz and Abu Mohammad. Replete with taranas and sargams spanning the lowest to the highest octaves and lasting for over 16 minutes, the song is an absolute treat!

An increased leaning towards folk and that blinder of a finish, episode 2 of Coke Studio Season 4 is a definite improvement over episode 1. Still reeling from the after effects of Kangna! 🙂

Music Aloud Rating — 8/10

Top Recos — Kangna, Senraan Ra Baairya, Nindiya Re