Sigh Of The Moor by Jadid Ensemble (World Music) – Music Review

The celebration of a long awaited weekend (sigh!) has been rather mute, not the speakers on the comp though 😉 In the midst of my favourite habit of killing time by brutal stabs in its back, I went back to my tried and tested pasttime of listening to BBC Radio 3 – Late Junction with the obvious hope of listening to something new. And I didst not hope in vain 🙂
In case I haven’t said before (which is likely to be the case, given my recent elevation in the Musicaloud Org chart as a MOLE, Master Of Lethargy & Ennui) BBC Radio has been an amazing hunting ground to discover classical and folk artists, and Late Junction is an amazing program for world music lovers to tune in and listen to music from all over the world.

Jadid Ensemble is the find of the week for me. From listening to Vandals on the station’s programme on thursday, a google search took me to their website and a youtube link (which has since been on an infinite loop as I type). The infusion of elements from various cultures, a dash of Arabic and a shot of Indian flavour (I thought), makes for an eclectic cocktail of musical genius.

The 5 piece band comprising of guitarist Glenn Sharp, flautist Pau Cheneour, violinist Olivia Moore, percussionist Adam Warne and double bass player Gavin Barras have concocted a rich melody through their debut album Sigh of the Moor (Fans of Salman Rushdie I wonder). Personally, I really enjoyed the seamless fusion of various elements into one album, and that has to do with the wide explorations and research the above said artists have done. The infusion of instruments like oud, saz and neys helps preserve the authentic indigenous flavor yet retaining its global outlook. You can buy their songs from their website, itunes, amazon and all that jazz. But before that if you would like some help in your decision-making check the video below. You can thank me later! 😉

Sreejith says:

LIKE! much appreciated! its seamless as you said it would be 🙂