Christian Brothers (Malayalam) – Music Review

Karthaave is straight from one of Deepak Dev‘s of late regular templates, processed voices and the likes. The song evokes strong memories of songs like Thattum Muttum (Puthiya Mukham), Ko Ko Kozhi (Fasttrack) etc. But as compared to the previous songs, this one has the advantage of Shankar Mahadevan on its side (who seems to have been suffering from a bout of cold while recording for this movie), with some well-placed funny dialogues by Rimi Tommy. Shankar returns with Swetha Mohan to deliver the next melody Kannum. In recent times Deepak Dev’s melodies have been showing a steady increase of non-Malayaliness creeping into them. And this one, if not for its lyrics, could very well be mistaken for a Bollywood melody (quite presumably by someone like Pritam). And I DO NOT say this coz of the Saiyyaan Ve refrain. Good melody nevertheless. In any case the composer himself shows how that base tune could be utilized better in a beautiful unplugged version called Saiyyaan Ve. The piano interludes (presumably played by the composer himself) are mindblowing! The song kind of took me back to the days when DD made Symphony, a vastly underrated album. After that track, the soundtrack ends on a relatively lower note with a Punjabi-flavored dance-y track called Mizhikalil Naanam sung by Nikhil, Ranjith and Rimi Tommy. A pretty normal track, in line with many of this genre being dished out these days from people like Alex Paul and Jassie Gift.

Short and not-so-sweet soundtrack from Deepak Dev for Christian Brothers, though Saiyyaan Ve does kind of make up for everything else.

Music Aloud Rating – 6/10

Recommended Track – Saiyyaan Ve

VIP says:

@crusader: he he i know. interestingly in the past too deepak dev’s wonderful music has been spoiled by such “royalty-oriented” lyrics. remember sukhamo from symphony? “pandu pandoru raajyathe raajaavu paadi” n all that? 😀

crusader says:

Saiyan ve s lovely….but the lyrics are dreadful…”mantrikumaran”..”anuvaadam illadhe”????