Star Plus Theme Song Tu Hi Tu by Vishal Bharadwaj out for free download

Another late post. The Star Plus theme song has been doing the rounds on TV and radio for quite some time now. Nevertheless decided to post it for the sake of less fortunate people bereft of much mass media access (yours truly included) who might have still not heard of this song. Brainchild of Piyush Pandey and composed by the versatile Vishal Bhardwaj, Tu Hi Tu is an attempt to pay the tribute to a woman’s contribution to life. A sensible idea from the marketing perspective to woo the junta who form a major chunk of the channel’s target audience.

VB has got Master Saleem to deliver this track, and it is quite like the song they offered in 7 Khoon Maaf, classical-oriented (raga Subhapanthuvarali I thought) and dark, though a bit lean on the richness of arrangement. While a sinister raga is surprising choice for a song extolling womanhood, the song makes a wonderful listen – for Saleem’s trained rendition, for VB’s masterful orchestration, especially the violin and the percussion rising to a feverish crescendo towards the end.

You can watch the video below (a tad over-the-top and cliched, if I may say so). You can download the video of the song here and the mp3 audio here.

saireddy says:

An excellent song

Hemant Ramesh Prajapati says:

when it was publised on star plus i really impressed with it it so nice to hear and watch….it trully proudly feels to all women……
i thank to who perform this song that girl appear in song thank u