Avial’s latest recipe out for free trial!

The Malayalam folk-rock (or as the band puts it, Malayalam alternative rock) band Avial put up the teaser of their new song Ayyo on the official site some time back. The band, almost three years post the release of their debut album, seem all set for a busy year ahead, being in the works of their second album, a song of which (titled Aana Kallan) is featuring in the OST of a Malayalam movie Salt N Pepper.

Coming back to Ayyo, being an acoustic track it is quite different from what Avial has mostly offered us till date, devoid the turntable and heavy guitar sounds that generally adorn the background.  But the acoustic sound seems perfect for the kind of song that Ayyo is — at least from the one minute clip that has been made available — vocalist Tony John taking the listener through a Malayalam folk story. Loved the sedate guitar riffs, and the folksy percussion, and the way the chorus went ayyo! towards the end of the teaser. But the track is more Malayali than their usual tracks (barring Karu Kara may be) in its sound, and hence I wonder how many people outside of Kerala will appreciate the song. I am in love with what I have heard anyways and am disappointed that there is only 1:07 of it. Looking forward to the album! A second concern at this point — though Tony does a wonderful job singing this song, being of the softer genre, I do hope he does not make the absence of the raw sound of erstwhile vocalist Anandraj felt in the rest of the album.

You can download the song here. And here is an old article of ours on Avial which you might like.