Tum Hi To Ho – Music Review

Aye Khuda is refreshingly un-Anand Milind-ish, with its breezy pop-based arrangement. Kunal Ganjawala and his missus Gayatri do a fab job on the vocals front, and make this song an engaging listen (barring the short-yet-cringeworthy dialogue sequence that appears in the second interlude). Sadly this happens to be the only pleasant affair in the entire soundtrack, as it then disintegrates into a collection of thoroughly dated/middling tunes. Dil Ne Mere and the title song are just about listenable despite the jadedness owing to some interesting points in the arrangement and a spirited rendition by Udit Narayan and Shreya Ghoshal, and Abhijeet respectively. But the other three — Rock You Baby, Teri Shame and Ayo Manaye Jashn (sung respectively by Arun Bakshi & June Bannerjee, Shaan & Gayatri Ganjawala, and Monali & Rahul Seth) are banal beyond repair.

Anand Milind went out of fashion a few years ago. Tum Hi To Ho’s music is a mere reconfirmation of the fact. Not that the movie seems to be the type deserving a musical masterpiece anyways.

Music  Aloud Rating — 4/10

Recommended Tracks — If you must, listen to Aye Khuda.

VIP says:

@karthik: i m extremely sorry for having missed the credits for the last 3 songs. it was a genuine miss. i generally ensure to have every singer in the movie credited, as i understand their importance in the songs. have updated the review now. thanks for pointing it out.
as for the review however my views remain the same. 🙂 u can chk for my reviews of movies like shahrukh bola.., turning 30 and the likes to see that i dont exactly go by the grade/cast of the movie. like anthony pointed out above not everyone has the same views.. my view about this album happened to be this, thats all. 🙂

Karthik says:

All I would say is that review is beyond repair.
It smacks of quite an attitudinal bias, in the sense that the reviewer has not even bothered to acknowledge the singers of each song, which is basic etiquette to say the least.
Compare this with the review of 7 Khoon Maaf,where the above criteria are met, literally exposes the reviewers mindset of writing music reviews depending on the grade/cast of the film.
Such a review which lacks the basic norms of cultured reviewing , should not merit any credit and we the audience should spread the word around about the credibility/sincerity/intention of such websites

VIP says:

happy to see u take the review sportingly. i have faced extreme level treatments for some of my reviews. 🙂 as anthony truly pointed out, not everyone has the same taste. n yes i do look forward to another perfect album from anand milind. its good music that i care about in any case, and its never about an individual composer. listening to aye khuda i had hoped that this might be it, but unfortunately it turned out otherwise.

anthony fernandes says:

Each person has a different taste in music. If we all ended up liking/disliking the smae thing, life would be a snooze-fest! For me the album worked, big time … Anand-Milind have re-invented their style in songs like Teri Shaamein and Aao Jashn (my personal favorites) along with Dil Ne Mere, Rock Your Body, the title track and Aye Khuda. I don’t have to dislike what others dislike and likewise, I don’t expect anyone to like what I like! I loved the songs personally, my office mates (to whom I forwarded the songs) loved them, my friends did and honestly, that matters the most! Happy listening!

Sunil Nair says:

@VIP: Ur review is commendable. Becoz, i believe we live in a country where freedom of speech is respected. The goodness of the music album “Tum hi to ho” is that is unlike the usual Anand Milind stuff. Had they given the same old kind of music which they are famous for, again they would have got the same review. So, it does not matter. To us fans it sounds good and at the end of the day that is what matters. Remember, they gave hits before, so they do know their art to an extent. I am sure, one day they would make people like you to sing about their glory. Till such time, silence is golden.

VIP says:

@avinash: i did listen to the album a couple of times b4 posting the review. i always do. n i was really hopeful when i heard aye khuda. sadly others i failed to find impressive, try as i might. 🙁

Avinash says:

You sound a bit too harsh about Anand-Milind here. I’m sure your opinion would have been different had you listened to the album at least 2 or 3 times.